Humans ought to know a good bit better than to allow photographs to be taken of them in such poses as this.

The need exists to test a longer post, however… and so this old girl, who rivals Flossie the Heifer for resisting the pull of time on acting with complete nonsense in mind, has attained immortality on the PhotoMules test site.

Bless her, she’s blowing bubbles.

Or rather… she is posing as though she were capable of attempting same.

Lungs like dessicated prunes do not blow bubbles. A great bellows would be required to put out her next birthday cake, and one hopes her human family does not attempt the traditional bonfire, for rivers of molten wax are unpopular at most human celebrations.

Well and good, the herd has added enough to feel confident this post will fit and stretch as per its intent.

Fare thee well, oh aged one… perhaps a Random Human Child will assist you with the necessary force to create spheres of floating toxicity in the future.

Done and done.